About Me

Hi Kerie Hinchliffe Here

I am an entrepreneur, web designer, book creator, publisher, care giver and an ex high school teacher. 

I am a keen traveller and photographer (currently learning the skills). Hence the reason I love the freedom of creating income online. 

Warwick Castle

Online Journey to freedom..

Like most people starting online, I failed a load of times, but I was finally able to make it work. The dream was beginning to come true. 

The key, content creation (my assets), consistency and focus. Complete one bit at time.

Instead of just buying course after course. Shiny Object Syndrome which I had bad. I started to take action initially in an area I had seen success in before. 

Taking Action..

Kindle Direct Publishing - but not just with written books, both fiction and non fiction, also with planners, log books and puzzle books. Now all creating a passive income, books I created years ago are still selling. 

Teaching and Technical..

I love helping people especially with the technical side. Must be the ex teacher in me. I did that job for a little under 20 years, teaching teenagers how to use computers both for creative stuff like photoshop, websites, animation and the boring business tools of spreadsheets and databases. 

The Power of Images..

I also love to draw, and have used cartooning as a teaching method, mainly when trying to teach Macbeth to bored 13 years old. You would be surprised by how many could remember different acts when they recalled either my cartoons or their own storyboard cartoons.



Gratitude and the law of attraction plays a huge role in my life. I believe in abundance and living in a higher frequency. I write down my goals every day to reenforce what I would like to achieve. I would suggest it as a great motivation tool.

Join the tribe of creatives both artistic and non artistic..

Come on board and surround yourself with like minded people who want to make an independent lifestyle for themselves and their families. Create your own online business. There are some genuine people out there who want to help others succeed, just as they have done. 

Let’s have fun together creating content one step at a time.