How To Easily Create Coloring Pages In Affinity Designer

Even If You Can't Draw

Get on Board With the Coloring Book Craze!

Get started fast! Even If You Have Never Used Affinity Designer before!

Includes Step-by-Step Demonstration Videos

  • Module 1: How to find the best images to make your coloring pages and books sell
  • Module 2: How to setup everything so you sail  through KDP review with the correct formatting.
  • Module 3: How to create the most popular coloring pages that buyers are looking for.
  • Module 4: How to create covers that pop using simple tools in Affinity Designer.

Create eye-catching page designs!

Mix and Match Stock Images With Your Own Unique Images That You Create From Simple Shapes!

From shapes to the images

Create Your Coloring Books In Affinity Designer Without Needing To Format In Any Other Software.

Why Create Coloring Pages And Coloring Books?

Coloring is a great way to relax and destress. Great fun for everyone. 

They make great gifts and can keep children entertained. 
Coloring fans are always looking for new pages and books. 

Why Use Affinity Designer?

It is a design software that is both Vector and Raster. 

It is as powerful as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Without the steep learning curve. 

Or the monthly cost.

Mix of PLR, Stock Images and Shapes That Create A Cute Fun Coloring Pages.

BW Sample For Webpage

Color in Your Coloring Pages To Create Covers That Pop. All In Affinity Designer.

Colored Kawaii Cover

What People Are Saying About Kerie's Course

Lorraine Bracken

" I'm really impressed with the level of detail in this course. It was very easy to follow and it covered everything I needed to know to get started on Affinity Designer. As a complete beginner, I was unsure how to create good quality coloring books. But after taking the course, Im much more confident now that I can easily create unique designs. And I saved a lot of time trying to figure it out on my ownI highly recommend this to anyone who is like myself, looking to get started creating coloring books for KDP. Im sure you will love it "

- Lorraine Bracken

Gary Wittmann

Kerie Louise Hinchliffe your course was easy to follow. Each video was well organized and great for beginners to the product Affinity. I have never heard of the course but as a beginner I see myself working on coloring pages right away. If you have never done Affinity this is the course to buy from Kerie Louise Hinchliffe. She is a fantastic teacher.

- Gary Wittmann

Your tutorial videos are fantastic, Kerie! I have watched several other people's videos explaining using Affinity Designer and yours are the best. I've learned a lot so far. Your way of presenting the material is faultless. Some other people's tutorials bounce the pen or icon all over the screen and go too fast. Your videos are done at a pace that is comfortable to follow, explained clearly and easy to understand. They have convinced me that Affinity Designer is the way to go! I look forward to watching more of your excellent videos. Thank you.

- Deborah Gafford 

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Kerie Hinchliffe

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