Spreadsheet Template Mastery

Creating and selling Spreadsheet Templates is an amazing niche that can be furthered sub niched. This training shows you those niches, but not just that Ken shows you how to create both Excel and Google Sheets.  

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PLR Spreadsheet Templates

PLR Spreadsheet Template working out Etsy Fees for USA and UK. You can edit these and sell them. You can also use them so you know if you are profitable. 

Not everyone sells on Esty for many different reasons. Two platforms that are great for digital products is Payhip and Gumroad. These two PLR Templates help work out the cost of selling your products on these platforms.

*Please note these are for digital products only and no shipping rates are included. (You could add that to make your version different)

Excel Spreadsheet

Video Template Training Course

Video training course on how I created the PLR templates in Excel and Google Sheets. Showing formulas used and in conjunction with Ken's  training in Spreadsheet Template Mastery