How To Create A KDP Book Using Math Worksheet Generator

What We Are Going To Be Creating

Apps For Using Digital Planners and Digital Activity Books


  • Noteshelf 2
  • Penly
  • Xodo


  • Noteshelf 2
  • GoodNotes 5
  • Xodo

Researching Amazon and Esty

Creating our book using Math Worksheet Generator

Editing The PDF from Math Worksheet Generator In Affinity Publisher

Part 1

Part 2

Creating the Digital Book in Affinity Publisher

In these videos we take our book and convert it to a digital  book.

We add the pages of our book to a new document as we want to resize the document for creating a digital book.

Finding our path names in Windows

Adding Extra pages which helps make the digital book work.

Creating  Our Tab Pages And Adding Hyperlinks To The Tabs

Adding Master Pages To Our Pages

Adding Hyperlinks to Our Interior Pages

Adding Hyperlinks to Addition and Subtraction pages

Adding Hyperlinks To Solutions Pages

Adding Stickers to our Digital Math Book

Creating our cover

Spreadsheet used to create digital book in Affinity Publisher:

Exporting as a PDF and Importing into GoodNotes

Fast Uploading PNGs To PowerPoint and Keynote

Using KeyNote To Create Your Digital Book  (25 July 2022)

In these videos, I show you how to use KeyNote to create your digital math book.

Opening PowerPoint File in Keynote

Adding Math Timed Templates to the slides by creating master slides.

Inserting Day Numbers and Exporting as PNGs

Importing PNGs and adding extra pages 

Creating All Master Slides

Adding Hyperlinks to all master slides 

Adding numbers to the addition, subtraction and solution tab pages

Adding hyperlinks to the addition, subtraction and solution tab pages

Creating Covers 

Adding Stickers and Exporting As PDF and Testing Links

Using PowerPoint To Create Your Digital Book  

Editing The PowerPoint Document 

Adding Addition And Subtraction Interiors

Adding Text To Master Pages and All The Slides To The New Document

Adding Hyperlinks and Creating the rest of the Master Pages

Adding Master Pages To Our Slides and Editing Solutions Page

Adding Hyperlinks To Index PageAdding Hyperlinks To Index Page

Adding Hyperlinks To Addition Days

Adding Hyperlinks To Subtraction Days

Adding Hyperlinks To Our Solutions Pages

Adding Stickers

Creating A Cover And Exporting As A PDF

Link for Excel used for the PowerPoint Build: